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Matt Daneman, Senior Editor, covers pay TV, cable broadband, satellite, and video issues and the Federal Communications Commission for Communications Daily. He joined Warren Communications in 2015 after more than 15 years at the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, where he covered business among other issues. He also was a correspondent for USA Today. You can follow Daneman on Twitter: @mdaneman

Recent Articles by Matt Daneman

Court Focuses on 1st Amendment on Maine Cable a la Carte Injunction

Maine faced questions about constitutionality of its cable a la carte programming law during a 1st Circuit Court of Appeals oral argument Wednesday, as the state challenged a lower court's preliminary injunction stopping it from enforcing that law (see 2004300011)…Subscribe to Read >>

Cable Lineup Notification Order Expected to Face Little FCC Resistance

Cable and broadcast lawyers anticipate a 5-0, noncontroversial approval to the FCC 30-day channel lineup notification rule on September's agenda (see 2009090048). Less clear is the significance of the commission's reversing its policy on who controls program carriage and retransmission…Subscribe to Read >>

Small Cable Operators Face 'Nightmare' of C-Band IRD Issues

Big cable distributors, with headends staffed 24/7 and often heavy use of fiber instead of C-band satellite downlinks, shouldn't have difficulties with the integrated receiver/decoder (IRD) changes for the C-band repacking. Smaller operators with fewer resources face far bigger challenges…Subscribe to Read >>

8YY Draft Order Reflects USTelecom Consensus, Lacks Price Cap Recovery

The draft order on circulation revising who pays to move toll-free traffic and who gets paid (see here) hews fairly closely in many areas to the USTelecom consensus proposal (see 2006080002), FCC and industry officials and representatives said in interviews…Subscribe to Read >>

C-Band Earth Stations Make Pitch to

Handfuls of broadcasters and cable operators whose C-band earth stations antennas aren't on the FCC's incumbents list are petitioning the agency to rethink . We're told the commission has indicated it might provide some relief. The FCC didn't comment. Unclear…Subscribe to Read >>