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Matt Daneman, Senior Editor, covers pay TV, cable broadband, satellite, and video issues and the Federal Communications Commission for Communications Daily. He joined Warren Communications in 2015 after more than 15 years at the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, where he covered business among other issues. He also was a correspondent for USA Today. You can follow Daneman on Twitter: @mdaneman

Recent Articles by Matt Daneman

Sharing 3.1-3.45 GHz With Federal Radar a Challenge: Spectrum Experts

Finding ways to make parts of the 3.1-3.45 GHz band available for nonfederal use, as laid out in the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (see 2111120050), faces a variety of big hurdles, spectrum sharing experts said Tuesday at the annual…Subscribe to Read >>

AT&T, Verizon Limit C-Band Deployments Near Airports, Helipads Through July 6

Saying they're sensitive to the FAA wanting more analysis about possible 5G impacts to radio altimeter performance and air safety, AT&T and Verizon on Wednesday told the FCC they would adopt a series of temporary voluntary power limits and antenna…Subscribe to Read >>

Ericsson Plans to Buy Vonage for $6.2B

Pointing to enterprise traffic increasingly being wireless, Ericsson plans to boost its presence in related cloud-based offerings with buying Vonage for $6.2 billion, announced Monday. Analysts evinced some skepticism about the deal, which Ericsson said should conclude in the first…Subscribe to Read >>

Advocates Cheer Text-to-988 OK, Fret Over Resources

While applauding the FCC for requiring covered text provider support of text-to-988 capabilities, mental health and disability communities raised caution flags about the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline having adequate resources come July to handle texting traffic. Commissioners unanimously approved an…Subscribe to Read >>

Many See OSHA Vaccination Rule Not Having Big Impact on Communications Sphere

Many employers in the communications universe don't see the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's COVID-19 vaccination emergency temporary standard (ETS) released earlier this month having a big impact on their workplace policies, as vaccination requirements are already the norm. The…Subscribe to Read >>