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Monty Tayloe, Associate Editor, covers broadcasting and the Federal Communications Commission for Communications Daily. He joined Warren Communications News in 2013, after spending 10 years covering crime and local politics for Virginia regional newspapers and a turn in television as a communications assistant for the PBS NewsHour. He’s a Virginia native who graduated Fork Union Military Academy and the College of William and Mary. You can follow Tayloe on Twitter: @MontyTayloe .

Recent Articles by Monty Tayloe

FCC MB Gives Nod to ATSC 3.0 on 'Franken FMs'

Media Bureau approval of a channel 6 TV station’s request for special temporary authority for what some deem Franken FMs could signal to similar stations that the FCC will let them stay on air in analog audio if they follow…Subscribe to Read >>

Broadcasters Make Attractive Ransomware Targets

Ransomware cyberattacks on massive targets such as Colonial Pipeline are rising and in the public eye, but TV and radio stations can also be attractive targets, said cybersecurity experts and broadcasters in interviews. And sometimes, such attacks on station owners…Subscribe to Read >>

Broadcasters Want FCC Action on ATSC 3.0 Multicast Petition

FCC inaction on an NAB petition for clarification of ATSC 3.0 rules is making the transition to the new standard more difficult, broadcasters said. The petition was filed in November and has been a focus of NAB lobbying in recent…Subscribe to Read >>

Newer Tech Can Help Alerts to Prompt Action

Emergency alerting officials and broadcasters see more information-rich alerts and increased geotargeting as the biggest needs for improving alerting, looking to ATSC 3.0 as a solution, said speakers at the Advance Warning and Response Network’s virtual summit Tuesday. More authorities…Subscribe to Read >>

Calm Act Proceeding Could Lead to More Enforcement

The FCC proceeding on its Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation Act isn’t considered likely to lead to rule changes, but increased enforcement and warnings to licensees could be in the cards, said broadcast and cable attorneys. The FCC acted quickly to…Subscribe to Read >>