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Biography for Howard Buskirk

Howard Buskirk, Executive Senior Editor, joined Warren Communications News in 2004, after covering Capitol Hill for Telecommunications Reports. He has covered Washington since 1993 and was formerly executive editor at Energy Business Watch, editor at Gas Daily and managing editor at Natural Gas Week. Previous to that, he was a staff reporter for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and the Greenville News. Follow Buskirk on Twitter: @hbuskirk

Recent Articles by Howard Buskirk

House Panel Hears Stories of Alleged Abuse by Tech-Platform 'Giants'

Amazon, Apple and Google took bipartisan heat Friday in a Boulder, Colorado, field hearing on online platforms and market power, by the House Judiciary Antitrust Subcommittee. The hearing followed a discussion at CES about whether the government should break…Subscribe to Read >>

CBA to Propose Separate Fee to Compensate Incumbents Giving Up Spectrum

The C-Band Alliance told the FCC the agency has “broad authority under Title III of the Communications Act” to require companies buying licenses in a C-band auction to pay for clearing the band as a condition of their participation…Subscribe to Read >>

Rosenworcel Testifies US Behind on 5G; O'Rielly Says Race Being Run

FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel warned the Senate Commerce Committee Wednesday the U.S. isn’t leading the world on 5G and can’t without more mid-band spectrum. Rosenworcel asked the committee to develop C-band legislation. Commissioner Mike O’Rielly said the FCC isn’t…Subscribe to Read >>

Pai Says Tribes Have Lots to Gain by Pursuing 2.5 GHz Licenses

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai urged tribes to pursue 2.5 GHz licenses when a six-month tribal opportunity opens Feb. 3. Tribal officials told us the level of attendance at the Tuesday workshop where Pai spoke shows they're interested. In July…Subscribe to Read >>

Supreme Court Decision in TCPA Case May Have Implications for Future Rules

A Supreme Court decision to hear a challenge by the American Association of Political Consultants questioning a 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruling in a key Telephone Consumer Protection Act case could have much bigger implications, TCPA lawyers…Subscribe to Read >>