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Biography for Karl Herchenroeder

Karl Herchenroeder, Assistant Editor, is a technology policy journalist for publications including Communications Daily. Born in Rockville, Maryland, he joined the Warren Communications News staff in 2018. He began his journalism career in 2012 at the Aspen Times in Aspen, Colorado, where he covered city government. After that, he covered the nuclear industry for ExchangeMonitor in Washington. You can follow Herchenroeder on Twitter: @karlherk

Recent Articles by Karl Herchenroeder

Encryption Advocates Say DOJ Can Probe Without Weakening Security

DOJ can investigate without weakening end-to-end encryption for messaging apps, representatives from BSA|The Software Alliance and Internet Society said in interviews, after Telegram told us the messaging app is under FBI investigation. Attorney General William Barr has repeatedly attacked…Subscribe to Read >>

Privacy Advocates Fear ‘Surveillance State’ Will Outlast COVID-19

Privacy advocates fear COVID-19 is creating a surveillance state that will outlast the pandemic. Experts during streamed events Wednesday disagreed how much access the U.S. government will have to data, given constitutional protections.Subscribe to Read >>

Attorneys Dismiss Calls for FTC to Scrutinize COVID-19 Privacy

COVID-19 highlights the need for the FTC to scrutinize children's data collection, advocates repeated this week as privacy attorneys dismissed calls for industry to alter regimes. The agency should compel information from technology, media and educational tech companies collecting…Subscribe to Read >>

PCLOB Declines to Release Report on Surveillance-Related Order

At the direction of intelligence officials, the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board refused to release its deep dive report on a key intelligence-related executive order, according to a Freedom of Information Act response. The Cato Institute filed…Subscribe to Read >>

US Should Rethink Competition Policies, ITIF Told

The U.S. should rethink antitrust policies, experts said at an Information Technology and Innovation Foundation webinar Thursday. China is giving its companies an advantage, said Berkeley Research Group Chairman David Teece. St. Mary’s University London Senior Lecturer in…Subscribe to Read >>