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Biography for Gabriella Novello

Gabriella Novello, Assistant Editor, is a journalist for Communications Daily covering telecommunications and the Federal Communications Commission. She joined the Warren Communications News staff in 2020, after covering election integrity and the 2020 presidential election at WhoWhatWhy. She received her bachelor's degree in journalism with a minor in health promotion at American University. You can follow Novello on Instagram and Twitter: @NOVELLOGAB.

Recent Articles by Gabriella Novello

Broad Support for Using Lifeline Requirements in Emergency Broadband Fund

Providers, regulators and advocacy groups urged the FCC to establish broad eligibility criteria for its $3.2 billion emergency broadband fund and begin the program as soon as possible (see 2101070052). Several suggested relying on Lifeline rules. Some urged working with…Subscribe to Read >>

Tribes Hope Biden Administration Helps Boost Broadband

Native American tribes are seeking more cooperation from the FCC and other federal agencies to expand broadband access. With the new Biden administration, tribal leaders and advocacy groups said in recent interviews that they're optimistic for better intergovernmental coordination.Subscribe to Read >>

Records Show Tech, Telecom Executives Gave to GOP Election Objectors

Public records show top tech and telecom executives gave campaign contributions in recent years to several members of Congress who objected to certifying President-elect Joe Biden’s victory. Numerous tech and telecom companies halted political action committee contributions after last week’s…Subscribe to Read >>

Some Fear Emergency Broadband Fund Problems

The FCC will disburse $3.2 billion in emergency broadband assistance as the pandemic has boosted broadband demand and usage (see 2012220061). How the money will be spent and whether it will reach the hardest-hit communities remain uncertain, said experts in…Subscribe to Read >>

FCC Commissioners Among Those Condemning Violence at Capitol

FCC members condemned violence erupting on Capitol Hill by pro-Trump forces Wednesday. And now two FCC GOP members have explicitly acknowledged that, contrary to President Donald Trump's wishes, Joe Biden is slated to become the next president in a few…Subscribe to Read >>