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Biography for Gabriella Novello

Gabriella Novello, Assistant Editor, is a journalist for Communications Daily covering telecommunications and the Federal Communications Commission. She joined the Warren Communications News staff in 2020, after covering election integrity and the 2020 presidential election at WhoWhatWhy. She received her bachelor's degree in journalism with a minor in health promotion at American University. You can follow Novello on Instagram and Twitter: @NOVELLOGAB.

Recent Articles by Gabriella Novello

Industry groups sought clarification of a draft FCC order and Further NPRM that would address concerns about numbering resources for VoIP providers and general oversight of numbering access. Commissioners will consider the item during their open meeting Thursday (see 2308310059). The Voice on the Net Coalition urged the FCC to make targeted edits on certification requirements and compliance with state regulations.Read More >>

Judges on the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals questioned the FCC on how the commission structures its Universal Service Fund and oversees the role the Universal Service Administrative Co. plays in determining quarterly contribution factors during an en banc hearing Tuesday. Some pressed Consumers' Research on how the private nondelegation doctrine applied to its challenge of the Q1 2022 USF contribution factor (see 2309010060).Read More >>

NTCA and the Rural Wireless Association continued to raise concerns about USTelecom and the Competitive Carriers Association's joint petition to extend the FCC's waiver of broadband data collection (BDC) rules allowing filers to submit information by a nonlicensed professional engineer (PE), per reply comments posted Tuesday in docket 19-195 (see 2309050065). Others disagreed and urged the commission to consider granting a permanent waiver due to continued workforce shortages.Read More >>

The FCC’s Disability Advisory Committee approved a report Thursday on best practices for implementing and promoting the use of direct video calling from its Direct Video Calling Working Group (see 2304260060). The group also heard from other working group leaders, plus updates from Commissioner Nathan Simington and FCC staff on artificial intelligence accessibility. The meeting was the first in-person meeting in three years.Read More >>