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Biography for Gabriella Novello

Gabriella Novello, Assistant Editor, is a journalist for Communications Daily covering telecommunications and the Federal Communications Commission. She joined the Warren Communications News staff in 2020, after covering election integrity and the 2020 presidential election at WhoWhatWhy. She received her bachelor's degree in journalism with a minor in health promotion at American University. You can follow Novello on Instagram and Twitter: @NOVELLOGAB.

Recent Articles by Gabriella Novello

EBB Providers Facing NLAD Issues; Some Hope in Sight

Emergency broadband benefit providers are encountering problems enrolling eligible households in the program through Universal Service Administrative Co.’s national Lifeline accountability database, representatives said in interviews and FCC filings. Industry groups said it prevented some consumers from taking advantage of…Subscribe to Read >>

Simington Has USF Concerns, Backs FCC on Maps

Commissioner Nathan Simington said finalizing new broadband data maps is a “very high priority” for FCC action. It's a “very thorny problem,” Simington said in an interview Wednesday. The FCC had to build out capacities that didn’t exist after Congress…Subscribe to Read >>

Stakeholders Eager for Connected Care Pilot; FCC OK Expected

Rural healthcare providers want to begin participating in the FCC Connected Care Program, which is expected to get commissioners' approval on Thursday, agency and industry officials said in interviews last week. The $100 million, three-year pilot will help boost access…Subscribe to Read >>

States Blame Charter for ETC Delay

Not meeting deadlines for using FCC high-cost USF funds to further roll out broadband could imperil other auction winners that played by the rules, some said in recent interviews. Charter Communications, which received $1.2 billion to serve more than 1…Subscribe to Read >>

Rosenworcel Open to Carr's USF Proposal

FCC acting Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel welcomed Commissioner Brendan Carr’s proposal to make Big Tech pay into USF (see 2105240037). The idea is “intriguing,” Rosenworcel said in a statement to us Friday, and the commission “should be open to new ideas.&rdquo…Subscribe to Read >>