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CPUC Adopts Broadband Adoption, Local Assistance Grants

The California Public Utilities Commission unanimously supported $9.3 million in California Advanced Services Fund broadband adoption grants (resolution T-17773) at a livestreamed meeting Thursday. Commissioners also voted 5-0 for a $1 million local agency technical assistance grant (resolution T-17785). The…

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CPUC made adoption grants to 11 projects including by California State University, Los Angeles County and Thai Community Development Center. Santa Barbara County won the local assistance grant. "It's not enough to just build broadband infrastructure,” said Commissioner Darcie Houck. “We also have to ensure that community members have the digital literacy to utilize what broadband can provide for them." Commissioner Genevieve Shiroma praised the “wide-ranging” nature of the adoption grant awardees. Commissioner Karen Douglas also applauded the grants. "We all share the sense of urgency about the importance of removing socioeconomic barriers to broadband adoption, and this resolution takes some really important steps that help move that goal forward.” Also at the meeting, the CPUC unanimously approved a consent agenda that included an item revoking operating authority of seven telephone companies for failing to comply with annual reporting or performance bond requirements (Resolution T-17784).