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Biography for Adam Bender

Adam Bender, Associate Editor, is the state and local telecommunications reporter for Communications Daily, where he also has covered Congress and the Federal Communications Commission. He has won awards for his Warren Communications News reporting from the Society of Professional Journalists, Specialized Information Publishers Association and the Society for Advancing Business Editing and Writing. Bender studied print journalism at American University and is the author of dystopian science-fiction novels. You can follow Bender at and @WatchAdam on Twitter.

Recent Articles by Adam Bender

Californians Expected to Say Yes to Retooled Privacy Law

Election watchers expect California to revamp its state privacy law through a Nov. 3 ballot vote. The replacement for the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) could have national ramifications, experts told us. If voters agree, the proposed California Privacy Rights…Subscribe to Read >>

Commissioner Seeks Overhaul as CPUC Hikes Broadband Surcharges

With state broadband support dwindling, the California Public Utilities Commission voted unanimously Thursday to double surcharges for the California Advanced Services Fund (CASF) and High Cost Fund-A (CHCF-A). The orders highlight structural problems with how the funds collect revenue, said…Subscribe to Read >>

Texas USF Imminent Insolvency Raises Lawmaker Concern

Texas state legislators, small telcos and rural educators sounded the alarm about the possibility of the Texas USF (TUSF) becoming insolvent by year-end. The Public Utility Commission over the summer declined to double the surcharge on consumer phone bills, with…Subscribe to Read >>

Regular Reviews Could Prevent DC Dispatching Issues, Say 911 Experts

Auditing Washington, D.C.’s 911 center will uncover any systemic dispatching issues, and more regular reviews could go a long way toward preventing future problems, said experts in interviews. While it's concerning to read reports of the D.C. Office of Unified…Subscribe to Read >>

House Commerce Republicans Probe DC 911 Dispatching Issues

Reported 911 dispatching issues in Washington alarmed Republican House Commerce Committee ranking members. Greg Walden of Oregon from the full panel, Communications Subcommittee's Robert Latta of Ohio and Environment Subcommittee's John Shimkus of Illinois asked District of Columbia Mayor Muriel…Subscribe to Read >>