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Biography for Adam Bender

Adam Bender, Associate Editor, is the state and local telecommunications reporter for Communications Daily, where he also has covered Congress and the Federal Communications Commission. He has won awards for his Warren Communications News reporting from the Society of Professional Journalists, Specialized Information Publishers Association and the Society for Advancing Business Editing and Writing. Bender studied print journalism at American University and is the author of dystopian science-fiction novels. You can follow Bender at and @WatchAdam on Twitter.

Recent Articles by Adam Bender

NARUC Diversity Leaders Ask Tough Questions Amid National Reckoning

Utility regulators must address diversity and social justice, said leaders of a NARUC diversity initiative in interviews this week. Amid a national reckoning after the May 25 death of George Floyd while in Minneapolis police custody, NARUC President Brandon…Subscribe to Read >>

California Nears Crunch Time on Broadband Fund Overhaul

California lawmakers tinkered with rival bills on state broadband funding. Eyes are on the clock after the Assembly Communications Committee postponed Tuesday's hearing on SB-1130 to raise the standard to 25 Mbps symmetrical. The delay was due to…Subscribe to Read >>

Judge Probes FCC Statement's Force on Berkeley RF Disclosure

A federal judge sought more case law on how much deference to give an FCC statement of interest (SOI) interpreting its RF safety policy as preempting an RF disclosure law in Berkeley, California. At virtual argument Thursday evening Eastern…Subscribe to Read >>

NARUC Joins FCC Push to Lower Inmate Calling Rates

The FCC applauded NARUC's asking members to review inmate calling service rates (see 2007230041) Thursday. FCC Chairman Ajit Pai asked state utility regulators Monday to reduce intrastate ICS prices (see 2007200058), with federal commissioners to vote Aug…Subscribe to Read >>

COVID-19 Shines Light on Need for Net Access, NARUC Told

COVID-19 amplified the need to address broadband gaps, said members of NARUC’s broadband task force in interviews Tuesday. Cable, wireline and wireless networks are holding up to the surge in traffic during the pandemic, but industry agrees with policymakers…Subscribe to Read >>