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Vt. House Panel Extends Changing Telecom Siting Process

A Vermont House panel opted for a straight extension to the state’s Section 248(a) telecom siting process, at a meeting Thursday. The Environment and Energy Committee voted 9-0 for H-110, enough to pass the bill, but kept the roll open…

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to allow another member to vote later. The bill would extend the sunset on the 2007-established infrastructure siting process by three years until July 1, 2026, while making no changes to the process. The Vermont Public Utility Commission and the wireless industry raised concerns about possible additional limits proposed in H-70, which also would have extended the process’ July 1 sunset by three years (see 2303140063). Noting the PUC concerns, Rep. Avram Patt (D) said passing the extension was most urgent and legislators could take more time to consider changes. The committee could come back to H-70 later this year or next year, he said.