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Schakowsky Welcomes FTC Social Media Probe; NetChoice Calls Foul

House Innovation Subcommittee ranking member Jan Schakowsky, D-Ill., applauded the FTC Thursday for launching an inquiry into the proliferation of deceptive advertising on eight social media platforms (see 2303160038). She welcomed the investigation of “platforms who have profited from ads…

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for scams like counterfeit goods, crypto fraud, and fake healthcare products.” NetChoice Vice President Carl Szabo accused the agency of “tunnel vision,” calling the investigation “another fishing expedition by an out-of-control agency.” After “efforts by the FTC to get the names of reporters that spoke ill of the Biden administration, all Americans should worry about these types of unchecked, investigative powers,” he said. The companies targeted with FTC orders -- TikTok, Twitter, Meta, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, Snap and Pinterest -- didn’t comment Friday.