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OneWeb, DirecTV 12 GHz Studies 'Trivial and Useless': RS Access

Rather than approximating real-world conditions, OneWeb and DirecTV in their 12 GHz technical reports (see 2207120058 and 2207180026) use "extreme hypotheticals [that] obviously bear no resemblance to reality and ... are both trivial and useless for predicting nationwide outcomes or…

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setting national policy," RS Access said Tuesday in docket 20-443. In both cases, the satellite operators' modeling "merely tightly surrounded a 5G cell tower with a dense, evenly spaced grid of satellite receivers," it said. Neither study modeled realistic deployment or accounted for OneWeb's startup service and DirecTV's direct broadcast satellite customer base disbursement creating a natural geographic separation between where a 5G base station would be and DBS or non-geostationary orbit users. OneWeb and DirecTV didn't comment.