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PK, CWA, Others Raise Concerns About ISP Digital Discrimination Response

A coalition of consumer advocacy organizations told the FCC it was concerned about ISPs "refuting the existence of digital discrimination" in the commission's proceeding addressing the issue (see 2207050057). Said Common Cause, Communications Workers of America, Engine, The Greenlining Institute,…

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MediaJustice, the National Digital Inclusion Alliance, the National Hispanic Media Coalition, Next Century Cities, Public Knowledge and the Utility Reform Network: the FCC "must use a discriminatory impact standard" to "rectify current and past discrimination," in a meeting with aides to Commissioner Geoffrey Starks, per an ex parte filing posted Monday in docket 22-69. The groups also asked the FCC to define the term "given area" as a "wide service area" and "granular enforcement area so that all instances of discrimination can be found." The FCC should update its consumer complaint process and "complaints must be acted upon," the groups said, suggesting the commission also engage in "proactive" outreach to determine if discrimination exists in certain areas.