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RS Access Presents Engineering Case to FCC on 12 GHz for 5G

RS Access CEO Noah Campbell and others from the company, and from RKF Engineering, said they spoke with FCC staff on a new engineering study on using the 12 GHz band for 5G, which they say shows no threat to…

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the non-geostationary orbit fixed-satellite service (see 2205200038). “RS Access has now filed two rigorous technical studies based on Monte Carlo simulations of a robust nationwide 5G deployment and 2.5 million NGSO terminals,” said a filing posted Thursday in docket 20-443: “NGSO operators -- including Starlink -- have failed to submit any technical analysis of their own during the 1.5 years this proceeding has been open. … To remove any doubt about the feasibility of 5G-NGSO coexistence, and despite serious questions about the claims made by opposing satellite companies, RKF’s new analysis incorporates technical assumptions put forward by Starlink about the nature and operation of NGSO terminals.” Starlink didn’t comment. The 5G proponents spoke with staff from the Wireless and International bureaus and Office of Engineering and Technology. Proponents hope for an order addressing the band in coming months, though they say timing is difficult to predict (see 2205170052).