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Biography for Gabriella Novello

Gabriella Novello, Assistant Editor, is a journalist for Communications Daily covering telecommunications and the Federal Communications Commission. She joined the Warren Communications News staff in 2020, after covering election integrity and the 2020 presidential election at WhoWhatWhy. She received her bachelor's degree in journalism with a minor in health promotion at American University. You can follow Novello on Instagram and Twitter: @NOVELLOGAB.

Recent Articles by Gabriella Novello

Industry Disagrees on Need for New Pole Replacement Cost Allocation Framework

Industry groups disagreed whether the FCC should adopt a new cost allocation framework and rules for pole replacements, in comments posted Tuesday in docket 17-84. The proceeding stems from a 2020 NCTA petition asking the FCC to clarify its pole replacement rules. The FCC adopted the Further NPRM in March in lieu of acting on the petition, noting the group “revealed inconsistent practices by utilities" on cost responsibility for pole replacements (see 2203180074).Read More >>

NTIA Middle-Mile Program Likely to Be More Competitive than BEAD: Panel

States, local communities and industry should begin having conversations now about the type of partnerships needed once NTIA’s broadband, equity, access and deployment program and middle-mile broadband infrastructure program funding become available, panelists said during a Schools, Health and Libraries Broadband Coalition webinar Friday. Panelists encouraged anchor institutions to start organizing and identifying their communities' needs as funding from both programs may not reach everyone.Read More >>

FCC Releases July Meeting Items, Proposes Enhanced Competition Incentive Program

A draft FCC notice of inquiry would seek comment on expanding access to the affordable connectivity program and Lifeline for survivors of domestic and sexual violence, if adopted during the commissioners’ July 14 meeting. It would seek comment on the agency’s authority to adjust both programs to better assist survivors and whether the FCC should adopt certain requirements set in the proposed Safe Connections Act.Read More >>

FCC Meeting to Include Item Leveraging Lifeline, ACP for Domestic and Sexual Violence Survivors

​​​​​​The FCC will consider how to leverage Lifeline and the affordable connectivity program to better support survivors of domestic and sexual violence, Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel said Wednesday, previewing the commissioners' July 14 meeting agenda. Survivors of domestic and sexual violence "uniquely rely on access to private communications" and face "unique challenges securing reliable phone and internet service," Rosenworcel wrote: The item under consideration will look to "ensure that survivors are able to communicate safely with abuse hotlines and shelters."Read More >>

Most States Intend to Participate in NTIA BEAD Program: Davidson

NTIA received letters of intent from 39 out of 56 states and territories indicating their interest in participating in the agency’s $42.5 billion broadband, equity, access, and deployment program, said Administrator Alan Davidson Thursday during a Media Institute event. “It’s going really well,” Davidson said: “We’ve been talking about the digital divide in this country for over 20 years … and finally, thanks to the bipartisan infrastructure law and other funding out there, we’ve been given this historic opportunity to really do something about it.”Read More >>