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Biography for Adam Bender

Adam Bender, Senior Editor, is the state and local telecommunications reporter for Communications Daily, where he also has covered Congress and the Federal Communications Commission. He has won awards for his Warren Communications News reporting from the Society of Professional Journalists, Specialized Information Publishers Association and the Society for Advancing Business Editing and Writing. Bender studied print journalism at American University and is the author of dystopian science-fiction novels. You can follow Bender at and @WatchAdam on Twitter.

Recent Articles by Adam Bender

Court Says Texas Commissioners' USF Inaction Was Unlawful

The Texas Public Utility Commission violated the state’s constitution and utility and administrative procedure laws when it chose not to fully fund Texas USF (TUSF), a state appeals court ruled Thursday. The 3rd District Texas Court of Appeals in Austin partly reversed the Travis County District Court in Austin dismissal of rural telcos’ complaint against the PUC. The trial court must issue a writ of mandamus ordering Texas commissioners “to take immediate action to fulfill their duties imposed by law to fully fund all TUSF programs and to make all disbursements required by” the Texas Public Utility Regulatory Act (PURA) and the PUC’s “existing TUSF orders and commitments,” wrote Justice Gisela Triana in Thursday’s opinion with Chief Justice Darlene Byrne and Justice Chari Kelly (case 03-21-00294-CV).Read More >>

CPUC Defends Inmate Calls Rate Cap; Bill Advances to Make Them Free

The California Public Utilities Commission stood by a 7-cent cap on intrastate per-minute rates for incarcerated person calling services (IPCS) in state court Wednesday. The Prison Policy Initiative (PPI), also named in a May lawsuit by Securus, said the CPUC’s interim order was “well-reasoned and provides desperately needed relief” to IPCS users. Meanwhile, a California bill to make IPCS calls free and require a CPUC service-quality rulemaking cleared another Assembly committee despite continuing opposition from sheriffs.Read More >>

NJ Board Clears Apollo/Lumen With Fiber, Copper Conditions

Lumen received its final state approval for its sale of ILEC assets to Apollo in 20 states. Only FCC approval remains. The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities voted 5-0 Wednesday to clear the $7.6 billion deal with fiber buildout, copper maintenance and other conditions. "We're making the lives of thousands of people better by providing them with the opportunity to utilize high-speed internet service," said New Jersey Board President Joseph Fiordaliso at the livestreamed meeting.Read More >>

Ariz. Commissioners Consider Options After Frontier 911 Outage

Arizona Corporation Commission members raised questions Tuesday about Frontier Communications’ urgency in responding to a June 11 fiber cut and other network outages. Frontier officials at the livestreamed ACC meeting defended the company’s speed responding to the June 11 outage, which the company blamed on gunshots by a possible saboteur (see 2206270029). Commissioners and local officials want more network redundancy to prevent future problems.Read More >>

CPUC Urged to Revise State Broadband Program Proposal

The California Public Utilities Commission received much feedback from telecom companies, consumer advocates and local governments on possible changes to California Advanced Services Fund (CASF) broadband infrastructure account rules. The CPUC received comments Monday on changes proposed June 7 to the state-funded last-mile program as part of a wider California broadband effort (see 2205250045). The CPUC adopted rules in April for a last-mile program using federal funding (see 2204210046).Read More >>