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Verizon, Ericsson Collaborate on 5G Tests

Verizon and Ericsson completed a trial of advanced low-latency, low-loss, scalable throughput (L4S) capabilities designed to optimize Verizon’s 5G network “for more robust solutions,” including interactive video, remote control of industrial processes and augmented and virtual reality, Verizon said Tuesday.…

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“While the first wave of 5G saw massive network infrastructure deployments, increased 5G adoption, and rapid ecosystem building, the second wave of the 5G era will be characterized by widespread innovation built on speed, massive capacity, low latency, security and reliability,” said Adam Koeppe, Verizon senior vice president-network and technology planning. The L4S trial was conducted at an Ericsson lab in Santa Clara, California, testing an extended reality (XR) application using an XR virtual reality headset over Ericsson’s 5G stand-alone core and using Verizon’s C-band spectrum, Verizon said.