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Verizon Nears Pact on TracFone Migration; Frontier Seeks Blue Casa Exit Conditions

Verizon could soon finalize a possible settlement with The Utility Reform Network (TURN) and Center for Accessible Technology (CforAT) related to migrating TracFone customers still using non-Verizon networks, the carrier said Wednesday at the California Public Utilities Commission. “The parties…

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have an agreement in principle on most terms and are close to resolving the remaining terms,” Verizon emailed Administrative Law Judge Thomas Glegola. The email was shared with the service list in docket A.20-11-001. While Verizon said the deal could be done in two weeks, it asked Glegola for 30 days -- until Feb. 7 -- to conclude the settlement. Verizon said CforAT and TURN support the extension. In another docket, A.23-09-006, Frontier Communications told the CPUC that it doesn’t necessarily oppose Blue Casa’s application to relinquish its eligible telecom carrier (ETC) designation and discontinue local exchange and interexchange services in AT&T and Frontier territory. But the commission should impose “reasonable conditions on Blue Casa to ensure a fair and reasonable mass migration, including setting a reasonable timeframe for any required mass migration and Blue Casa’s proposed market exit,” Frontier wrote Wednesday. “Frontier estimates that approximately eight to ten weeks from the date of the Commission’s approval of the Application would be needed to migrate the 639 Blue Casa customers that are in Frontier’s service area.” Also, the CPUC should condition the exit on Blue Casa paying its outstanding balance to Frontier and reimbursing “Frontier’s reasonable costs for implementing any forced mass migration.” Also Wednesday, CPUC Administrative Law Judge Patricia Miles set a preconference hearing for Jan. 22 on Consolidated Communications' transfer of indirect ownership and control of its California and enterprise subsidiaries to Condor Holdings. Consolidated and Condor sought New Hampshire approval last week (see 2401020037).