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FCC's Carr Blasts White House's 'Hate/Need Relationship' With Elon Musk

The FCC's barring SpaceX from the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund program "is a really odd decision" that makes sense only as part of a political weaponization of the agency against company owner Elon Musk, Commissioner Brendan Carr said Thursday during…

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an interview with podcast Tesla Talk. Carr's words echoed his dissent in the RDOF decision (see 2312130027). "Twelve of the last 16 years, the administrative state has been controlled by Democrats," he said. "That's where all the action happens these days." The National Labor Relations Board, FTC and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service actions against Musk companies stem from the White House's "green light. ... You don't need to find some smoking gun memo that tells every agency what to do. ... It's clear enough." The FCC finding that SpaceX technology isn't reliable "doesn't seem credible," he said, adding it's "far from clear" the broadband, equity, access and deployment program will reach all who are unconnected, due to its fiber focus. On the other hand, deploying Starlink would have made money go further, Carr argued. The White House has a "hate/need relationship" with Musk, requiring his technological capabilities for priorities such as connectivity and spaceflight, but in areas where it doesn't need to lean on him, it engages in regulatory harassment, Carr said. The U.S. Supreme Court "needs to tighten down on the discretion it gives to agencies," he added. The FCC didn't comment. Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on Thursday retweeted a Carr post about agencies targeting Musk. He added that President Joe Biden's administration "is weaponizing federal agencies against its political opponents [and] now they’ve got the FCC going after" Musk. The White House didn't comment.