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Starlink Shows Urban Demand for LEO Broadband: Ookla

SpaceX's Starlink satellite broadband appears to be successfully balancing capacity and demand, with median download performance in Q3 of 64.54 Mbps, a marginal decline quarter on quarter, Ookla said Monday. Starlink's U.S. performance continues to eclipse geostationary orbit satellite internet…

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providers, it said. Starlink's performance also shows significant urban low earth orbit broadband demand, with close to 60% of Speedtest samples of Starlink performance recorded in urban locations in the U.S., it said. While Starlink's "Roam" services, which let users take Starlink with them, may skew the number of urban samples, "it’s clear that LEO satellite internet is seen as a viable option in many urban U.S. locations," Ookla said.