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SpaceX Says SCS/Terrestrial Interference 'Unlikely' but Addressable

Calling it "unlikely" that its mobile supplemental coverage from space (SCS) service could cause interference with terrestrial mobile operations in populated areas, SpaceX said it nonetheless can modify its network coverage "in near real-time" and cease operations of all satellites…

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over geographic areas, including those adjacent to T-Mobile's coverage area. In a docket 23-135 response Wednesday to SCS service questions posed by the Space Bureau (see 2311090019), SpaceX said it would "minimize the impact of any cessation of services on adjacent areas by re-planning the network around the restricted area while maintaining service outside of populated areas." It said its cross-border transmissions will be below power levels needed to close a link, so a smartphone can't connect to the SCS network outside of T-Mobile's service area.