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Calif., N.C. Post Draft BEAD Initial Proposals

North Carolina wants comments by Dec. 5 on both volumes of its initial proposal for the broadband, equity, access and deployment (BEAD) program, the state’s Department of Information Technology said Monday. North Carolina plans to submit the proposal to NTIA…

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by Dec. 27, the department said. “We are moving forward as quickly as we can to put this funding to work and address a critical need for internet connectivity across North Carolina,” said Deputy Secretary-Broadband and Digital Equity Nate Denny. California Public Utilities Commission Administrative Law Judge Thomas Glegola sought comments Tuesday on CPUC staff drafts for initial proposal volumes one and two. Comments are due Nov. 27, replies Dec. 7 (docket R.23-02-016). The CPUC plans to make its extremely high cost per location threshold “as high as feasible to ensure greater fiber coverage while also prioritizing the federal statutory goal of complete coverage of unserved locations, followed by underserved locations and Community Anchor Institutions,” said the second volume.