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FCC International Bureau Asks T-Mobile Questions on Mint Buy

The FCC International Bureau Friday asked a series of questions on T-Mobile’s proposed buy of Mint Mobile (see 2303150032), a low-cost prepaid wireless brand, and other Ka’ena assets, in a letter to T-Mobile. The bureau asked for responses by Nov.…

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29 as it examines international authorizations under Section 214 of the Communications Act. “Discuss in detail all of T-Mobile’s current and anticipated future plans regarding the Mint Mobile and Ultra Mobile distribution networks, including, but not limited to, the extent to which Mint Mobile and Ultra Mobile plans and devices would be available at third-party locations, such as Walmart,” the bureau asked: “Explain in detail whether Mint Mobile and Ultra Mobile plans and devices will be offered in T-Mobile’s stores post-transaction.” The bureau also asked T-Mobile for more detail on data security breaches and cyberattacks it has reported, and steps taken in response.