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Calif. Foster Youth Pilot Stops Taking Orders After T-Mobile Data Errors

T-Mobile data on California’s foster youth pilot program “was so flawed that Program youth and their social workers and caregivers may have been provided with wrong phone numbers and device information,” iFoster CEO Serita Cox told the California Public Utilities…

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Commission in a Monday letter. “The T-Mobile data problem not only impacts the Program’s integrity, but has real life impacts on the foster youth who rely on their devices for their safety and vital communications.” T-Mobile recently reported data discrepancies with the pilot (see 2309130016). Due to the problems, iFoster will withdraw several active participant usage reports from February through August, said Cox. The nonprofit will put new orders on hold until it talks more with T-Mobile; validated applications received after Sept. 25 will be waitlisted, she said. “iFoster is frankly unsure when it can provide replacement Usage Reports, given the serious data issues from T-Mobile but iFoster will continue to work closely with T-Mobile to obtain accurate data to re-file its Usage Reports and keep the Commission staff updated.” The CPUC received comments last week on making the foster youth pilot a permanent part of the state LifeLine program (see 2309270021).