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Pole Attachers Seek CPUC Data Request Extensions

More telecom companies sought extensions to provide pole attachment data required by a 2021 California Public Utilities Commission decision (D.21-10-019). Consolidated Communications sought an 18-month extension Friday (see 2307310030). In Monday letters to CPUC Executive Director Rachel Peterson, Verizon sought…

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10 more months, T-Mobile requested six more months and ExteNet also asked an additional six months. Sonic Telecom urged the commission Sunday to change the company’s deadline to 60 days after each major pole owner shows it has implemented required security measures to handle proprietary and confidential data. “Although the Order gave pole attachers 12 months to submit attachment data after the pole owners’ advice letters were approved, Verizon and other attachers have only started to receive information from the pole owners as to the data submission process, their poles, and templates in the last two months,” wrote Verizon. “This means that attachers now have only one to two months remaining to review the poles, gather, and submit data before the current deadlines.”