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Groups Urge FCC to Grant T-Mobile 2.5 GHz Licenses

Various groups urged the FCC to act on the licenses won by T-Mobile in the 2.5 GHz auction (see 2304060062). “We are concerned that as these licenses have still not been deployed and put to use, many of our communities…

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are continuing to be left behind; having to live without the critical network coverage -- and access to resources -- that this valuable spectrum provides,” said a Monday filing in the FCC’s universal licensing system. Among those signing were the Coalition of Large Tribes, the National Rural Education Association, National Grange, Silicon Harlem, the National Puerto Rican Chamber of Commerce, the Conference of National Black Churches and the Hispanic Heritage Foundation. “We recognize that the Commission’s congressional authority to conduct spectrum auctions has now lapsed,” the groups said: “By issuing licenses to T-Mobile, however, the Commission would not be holding any new spectrum auctions. Rather, it would be issuing licenses T-Mobile has already purchased for an auction that ended last summer.”