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T-Mobile Urges FCC to Grant 2.5 GHz STA Request

T-Mobile emphasized in a new filing at the FCC that giving the company special temporary authority to use licenses bought in the 2.5 GHz band (see 2304060062) would help veterans, after the Department of Veterans Affairs selected the company as…

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its primary wireless provider. The FCC declined to award the licenses, won last year, after its auction authority expired earlier this year. Six hundred Mobile wireless facilities in 47 states near VA facilities “could be immediately enhanced with additional spectrum, at sites covered by the STA request,” said a filing in the FCC’s universal licensing system. “Since T-Mobile submitted the STA request, it has become increasingly evident that Congress does not appear to be prepared to restore the Commission’s authority in the near-term,” the carrier said: “Some at the Commission have asserted that the Commission no longer has authority to process its Auction 108 application. Those circumstances have made it even more important for the Commission to grant T-Mobile’s STA request.”