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FCC Corrects Dish Error on 600 MHz Licenses

The FCC helped Dish Network clear up a clerical mistake on 600 MHz licenses. Earlier this month, a Dish staffer meant to cancel lease of the licenses to T-Mobile, and instead canceled the licenses. The incident came up last week…

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during the Dish earnings call (see 2305080055). “We went in to cancel the lease” and “inadvertently canceled the license,” said Dish Chairman Charlie Ergen, who predicted the mistake wouldn’t be an issue. “Today, the FCC granted DISH’s request to correct the error and the situation has returned to the status quo,” New Street’s Blair Levin told investors Monday: “Our analysis: Case closed; DISH has full use of the licenses. On to the next issue, which in our view is the question of whether DISH will exercise its right to purchase T-Mobile’s 800 MHz spectrum.” Ergen declined to say what the company would do on the 800 MHz licenses, during last week’s call.