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Deutsche Telekom Doesn't Expect Huawei Ban

Germany’s Deutsche Telekom has Huawei gear in its network, including antennas, but doesn’t plan to remove it, CEO Tim Hottges said Thursday on a financial call. “There is no ban here of Huawei, and I even don’t see a ban…

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coming,” he said, noting the security review Germany is performing on all Chinese gear. “What Deutsche Telekom and what the other carriers are doing is that we are just following the law, and we are just following the political guidance on this area,” he said. Hottges emphasized the growth of its majority-owned T-Mobile in the U.S. T-Mobile covers 275 million POPs with its ultra-capacity 5G network, he said: “We are way ahead of our competition, and we will reach 300 million POPs by end of the year.”