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CPUC May Vote This June on ACP/LifeLine Pilots

The California Public Utilities Commission may vote June 8 on a Wednesday proposed decision to approve two pilot programs to stack California LifeLine and federal affordable connectivity program (ACP) benefits. Under the draft in docket R.20-02-008, the CPUC would approve…

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a wireline broadband pilot that would use ACP dollars to test if letting California LifeLine provider affiliates offer broadband to participants will increase program participation by ISPs while maintaining program rule compliance. It would also check if LifeLine can ensure participants with stand-alone broadband service can make 911 calls through a separate service plan and if allowing LifeLine subsidies for stand-alone wireline broadband will increase participation, the draft said. Also, the CPUC would approve a wireless broadband pilot that would use ACP funding “to test how much mobile and hotspot data California LifeLine participants would use if they had unlimited data, including a high allotment of high-speed mobile data, a substantial allotment of high-speed hotspot data” and a capable mobile device, said the proposal. Participants in each pilot would get access to up to $57.15 -- or up to $102.15 on tribal lands -- of combined state and federal support for plans. The CPUC proposed testing LifeLine and ACP subsidy stacking after scrapping an earlier proposal (see 2210140068). Meanwhile, state legislators are considering a bill to allow such combinations (see 2304200044).