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N.M. Legislature Passes Telecom Bills

New Mexico lawmakers passed multiple telecom bills Thursday. The House voted 49-4 to pass SB-41, previously passed by the Senate, to require ILECs with at least 50,000 customers to be regulated the same as rural ILECs under New Mexico’s Rural…

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Telecommunications Act. Also, the House voted 53-0 for the Senate-passed SB-155 that would freeze annual reduction support payments for eligible ILECs at 2023 rates through 2026 and then end the payments. The Senate voted 40-0 for the House-passed HB-160 to allow the state transportation commission to waive right-of-way fees for installing infrastructure in unserved or underserved areas. And the Senate voted 31-5 for the House-passed HB-170 to clarify that illegal cramming includes only unauthorized charges for non-telecom services. The House unanimously supported the Senate’s cramming bill earlier that week (see 2303150029). Also Thursday, the Senate Judiciary Committee urged “do pass” on a bill (SB-452) that would authorize the state to lease or sell broadband infrastructure.