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Colo. Legislators Propose Ending 2015 Muni Broadband Ban

Colorado would remove a state ban on municipal broadband under a bill introduced Thursday. The 2015 state restriction known as SB-152 allows counties and municipalities to opt out of the ban through ballot initiative. Although many have done just that…

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(see 2211100049), Colorado Broadband Office Executive Director told the NATOA conference last year that legislators would in 2023 seek to end the ban (see 2208300036). Under this year’s SB-183, sponsored by a bipartisan group of state senators and representatives, local governments no longer would need to “hold an election before providing or before operating a facility to provide cable television, telecommunications, or broadband internet services to subscribers,” or to enter a public-private partnership for that purpose, a summary said. Also, SB-183 would specify that a locality may provide middle-mile infrastructure.