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CPUC to Weigh Telecom Provider Charges

The California Public Utilities Commission is seeking comments on provider-imposed charges on customer bills. It’s phase two in a rulemaking to update telecom surcharge mechanisms, the CPUC said. The commission switched to a connections-based state USF contribution method in phase…

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one of docket R.21-03-002 (see 2210200073). T-Mobile asked a court to stop that October decision from taking effect April 1 (see 2302280037). Provider-imposed charges are “separate and in addition to the various [public purpose program] surcharges on customer bills, the CPUC said. “These charges are not always clearly identified, nor is the purpose of these charges clear. These charges have increased substantially in recent years.” The CPUC asked providers to list their charges, how much revenue they generate and how that money is spent. The agency asked companies how they disclose the fees and if any violate state cramming restrictions. “Explain whether the Commission should prohibit provider fees for purposes of protecting consumers against unjust, unreasonable, or illegal charges and fees that appear on communications customers’ bills.” Comments are due April 5, with replies due April 20.