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Calif. Commissioners Launch BEAD Rulemaking

The California Public Utilities Commission agreed to open a proceeding to consider rules for NTIA broadband, equity, access and deployment (BEAD) grants, the CPUC said Thursday. Commissioners adopted a proposed order released earlier in February (see 2302160020). The rulemaking kicks…

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off “an in-depth public engagement process to develop the roadmap for how these funds will be used in California,” said CPUC President Alice Reynolds. The commissioner seeks collaboration with local governments, tribes, regional broadband consortia, digital equity advocates, labor groups and ISPs, she said. “This outreach is essential and will ensure we are using these funds as effectively and equitably as possible to build sustainable networks that will offer future-proof, reliable, and affordable service to unserved and underserved regions of the state.” Commissioner Genevieve Shiroma said the effort will allow the CPUC to use federal money to address lingering connectivity gaps in rural and urban California.