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Calif. ALJ Seeks VoIP Explainer

The California Public Utilities Commission seeks “a common vocabulary regarding the distinguishing features of interconnected VoIP service,” said a Thursday ruling in docket R.22-08-008. CPUC Administrative Law Judge Camille Watts-Zagha held a prehearing conference last month in the rulemaking on…

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possible changes to licensing requirements and other obligations for internet-based voice (see 2301240058). Watts-Zagha asked hearing participants to explain distinctions among VoIP terms like fixed, non-fixed, nomadic, stand-alone, facilities-based and over-the-top. “Party responses to the question differed in some respects, including whether the term fixed equates to facilities-based,” said Thursday’s ruling. “Several parties indicated the distinction between nomadic and fixed VoIP was shrinking, becoming ‘fuzzy,’ or was less of a distinguishing feature than in prior years.” The CPUC seeks answers by March 9 to many questions it still has about VoIP, it said.