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LGBTQ Groups, Others Urge Senate Not to Listen to 'Homophobic' Claims About Sohn

The LGBTQ Victory Institute led a letter Monday with the Human Rights Campaign and 20 other groups urging Senate leaders to discount recent "homophobic tropes and attacks" against FCC nominee Gigi Sohn and her family, and instead "expeditiously" advance her…

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long-stalled confirmation process. President Joe Biden renominated Sohn in January (see 2301030060) after the Senate didn't confirm her in 2021 or 2022. Sohn's supporters in recent days have pushed back against recent reports about her role as an Electronic Frontier Foundation in influencing some of the group's decisions related to sex worker policy issues that they see as veiled attacks on her sexual orientation (see 2301300025). Those reports criticize her "not on the basis of qualifications or substance, but because she is openly LGBTQ+," LGBTQ Victory Institute and the other groups wrote Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., Commerce Committee Chair Maria Cantwell, D-Wash., and their GOP counterparts. "Homophobic and sexist fearmongering should have no place in the consideration of Gigi’s qualifications. It’s morally corrupt and antithetical to the high virtue" of the Senate. The Biden administration "made clear earlier this year that they are in full support of Gigi’s historic nomination when they nominated her for a third time," the groups said. Sohn "is the right leader for this role given her extensive qualifications, superior leadership qualities, and deep technical background."