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Pai, O'Rielly Seen as Mostly in Agreement as FCC Releases Net Neutrality Draft

The FCC offered additional details Thursday on a proposal to scrap Title II broadband classification under the Communications Act and revisit net neutrality rules, building on a speech by Chairman Ajit Pai Wednesday (see 1704260054). Pai, as … Subscribe to Read >>

Pai Releases Media Modernization, Main Studio, Other Draft Items for May Meeting

A draft item that would review nearly all of the FCC’s media regulations is hugely broad and likely will loop in controversial topics such as retransmission consent alongside narrower procedural rules, broadcast and pay-TV attorneys told us Thursday, after … Subscribe to Read >>

Congress Will Decide Extent of FTC's Authority to Regulate Broadband Privacy, Say Experts

Backers of FCC Chairman Ajit Pai's plan to reverse broadband's Title II classification under the Communications Act said the power to enforce consumer privacy protections over ISPs and other entities would shift back to the FTC (see 1704260054Subscribe to Read >>

Partisan Net Neutrality Ripples Continue on Capitol Hill

Lawmakers continued to show partisan divisions on net neutrality Thursday, after FCC Chairman Ajit Pai’s moves to roll back the classification of broadband as a Communications Act Title II service (see 1704260063). This followed an initial deluge of … Subscribe to Read >>

McCaul Announces Legislative Plans Amid Anticipation Over Trump's Cyber EO

House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Michael McCaul, R-Texas, touted progress Thursday on several upcoming cybersecurity bills, including legislation to reorganize the Department of Homeland Security’s National Protection and Programs Directorate (NPPD) as the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Protection Agency. McCaul … Subscribe to Read >>

CTIA Offers Industry Proposal for Mobility Fund Challenge Rules

CTIA asked the FCC to rethink its challenge rules for Mobility Fund II funding decisions to require at the beginning of the process that carriers submit “shapefiles” providing new coverage data, which would obviate the need to release Form … Subscribe to Read >>

Arizona Joins States Enacting 5G Small-Cells Legislation

Arizona enacted small-cells wireless siting legislation as states continued to push forward small-cells wireless bills this week. Industry and localities continue to negotiate different terms in different states, while the FCC looks at ways to speed wireless infrastructure deployment … Subscribe to Read >>

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Pai Proposes NPRM, Not Declaratory Rule, to Overturn Title II Regulation of Broadband

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai said in a speech at the Newseum Wednesday he is circulating to the two other commissioners a rulemaking notice that would reverse the 2015 reregulation of broadband as a Communications Act Title II service, as expected. Pai said he will release the full text of the draft NPRM Thursday afternoon for a vote at the May 18 commissioners’ meeting. The FCC later posted on its website two fact sheets (here and here) and a copy of Pai's Newseum speech, which we attended. … Read More >>

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