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Pai Expected to Secure FCC Chairmanship After Trump Inauguration

Industry lobbyists and officials told us Friday that Commissioner Ajit Pai, the FCC's senior Republican, is being tapped to lead the agency as chairman on a permanent basis. Spokespeople for President Donald Trump didn’t confirm the reports. The FCC … Subscribe to Read >>

Wheeler Says Move to 'Gut' FCC, Shift Telecom Oversight to FTC, Would Be 'Tragic'

Outgoing FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler warned against attempts to "gut" the agency, including by moving core telecom oversight functions to the FTC. He also defended the commission's actions on net neutrality, broadband reclassification, privacy, zero rating, the incentive auction … Subscribe to Read >>

Auction End Likely to Lead to TV Dealmaking

The end of the incentive auction is expected to bring a flurry of broadcast dealmaking, from licensees that didn't get what they wanted from the auction, pent-up demand, and the likelihood of ownership deregulation, said broadcast attorneys, analysts … Subscribe to Read >>

District WEA Test Seen Building Trust in Emergency Text-Message Alerts

The District of Columbia’s test of the wireless emergency alerts (WEA) system increased confidence in the critical communications system, said D.C. and industry officials last week. On the Sunday afternoon prior to Friday’s inauguration of President Donald Trump, the … Subscribe to Read >>

2 Split Decisions in Consensus-Driven FTC Reflect Philosophy, Not Transition, Say Experts

The FTC, which has been operating with two Democratic commissioners and one Republican since April, has often reached unanimity in its decisions. But in the days leading up to President Donald Trump's Friday inauguration the commission split 2-1 on … Subscribe to Read >>

5 HDR Technology ‘Amendments’ Loom for ATSC 3.0 Video Document, Says Richer

The A/341 document on ATSC 3.0 video and high dynamic range will go out in a matter of days for a four-week ATSC membership ballot that, if approved, will elevate the document to the status of a proposed standard … Subscribe to Read >>

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ATSC 3.0 to Support Both HLG and PQ Transfer Functions for HDR, Says Richer

ATSC's Technology Group 3, which supervises the framing of ATSC 3.0, approved a ballot this week that would elevate the A/341 document on ATSC 3.0 video and high dynamic range to the status of a proposed standard, ATSC President Mark Richer emailed us Thursday through a spokesman. "The document includes support for HLG and PQ transfer functions,“ Richer said of the competing hybrid log-gamma and perceptual quantization approaches to HDR. It was Richer's first known public acknowledgement that ATSC 3.0 will support both HDR technologies. … Read More >>

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