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Markey Fears 'Regulatory Black Hole' After GOP Use of ISP Privacy CRA

Sen. Ed Markey, D-Mass., resisted GOP efforts to weaken FCC ISP privacy rules legislatively through the Congressional Review Act (CRA) or administratively. He was joined on a Monday news media call by public interest groups including Public Knowledge … Subscribe to Read >>

Public TV Shouldn't Fear Funding Battle, Butler Says

America's Public Television Stations President Patrick Butler conceded Washington is "rife with rumor" that President Donald Trump will recommend a budget that doesn't include funding for the CPB (see 1702230060), and noncommercial educational stations shouldn't "fear the battle … Subscribe to Read >>

Mobile World Congress Opens With Excitement About 5G, IoT

The next element” is the theme of this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, which started Monday, said Mats Granryd, GSMA director general, in opening remarks. GSMA reported Monday that the IoT will result in more than 1 billion … Subscribe to Read >>

Waters, Clyburn, Others Gear Up for Battle to Protect Net Neutrality, Title II Broadband

Net neutrality advocates vowed to fight efforts to roll back the FCC 2015 order establishing open internet rules pursuant to authority over broadband as a Communications Act Title II telecom service. The rules "will face renewed opposition from emboldened … Subscribe to Read >>

Draft Bill Targets NIST Cybersecurity Framework Metrics Development

Draft legislation on the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Cybersecurity Framework set for a House Science Committee markup Wednesday may result in long-anticipated progress in creating cybersecurity metrics, industry stakeholders said in interviews. House Science said it plans … Subscribe to Read >>

Wireless Carriers on Attack Against Spectrum Frontiers Cyber Requirement

CTIA warned the FCC that cybersecurity rules in the agency’s July order opening up high-frequency bands for 5G (see 1607140052) open the order to legal challenge. Other wireless commenters made similar complaints in replies on petitions for reconsideration … Subscribe to Read >>

ATSC 3.0 NPRM Keeps Intact Call for Comments on Tuner, HDMI Port Mandates

The ATSC 3.0 NPRM released Friday (see 1702240069) keeps intact the FCC’s call for comments on whether it should consider a tuner mandate or require HDMI ports on future TVs to upgrade ATSC 1.0 TVs for 3.0 … Subscribe to Read >>

Gracenote Standardizes ID Structure of Music, Sports, Video Databases

Gracenote standardizing the ID structure of its music, sports and video databases is a big step toward the company’s goal of physically linking the trio to create a database, Simon Adams, general manager-video, told us. Gracenote, which Nielsen … Subscribe to Read >>

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Trump Showed 'Positive' Reception to Broadband Infrastructure Ideas, Senators Say

President Donald Trump seems receptive to prioritizing broadband access, potentially through his infrastructure proposal, senators who raised the issue with him told us. During last year’s presidential campaign, Trump invoked plans for an infrastructure stimulus of as much as $1 trillion, and this year several lawmakers from both chambers and parties pressed the White House to incorporate broadband funding through such a vehicle. Rep. Chris Collins, R-N.Y., a key Trump liaison to the House, cautioned it’s too soon to say. … Read More >>

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