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May 16-20 Consumer Study

CTA Won't Disclose Candidates Vying to Become ATSC 3.0 Logo

CTA recently finished canvassing consumers for a project in partnership with NAB to fashion an ATSC 3.0 certification logo that would adorn compliant TVs and other receivers when those products arrive at retail, Lesley Rohrbaugh, CTA director-research, told the ATSC Next-Gen TV Conference Thursday. She wouldn’t comment on which logos emerged as the biggest winners.

The online survey contacted 1,000 U.S. adult consumers May 16-20, said Rohrbaugh. Respondents needed to be household decision-makers with a working TV, she said. CTA also canvassed an “oversample” of 300 over-the-air antenna users, she said: “We wanted to see if that demographic differed in any way from the general population.”

CTA tested “several different naming structures” with consumers, using terms like “next-gen,” “advanced” and “future,” said Rohrbaugh. “When we actually did the naming test, we did a forced-choice methodology, where we tested their first choice, second choice and then least choice.”

After CTA finishes analyzing the results, the next step will be to work with a “creative design agency” to create “several different logos from the winners of the naming test that we just completed,” said Rohrbaugh. “Once that’s done, we’ll do another final brand test of those logos with consumers to see which one fits best.” CTA will begin licensing use of the logo as one of the final steps, she said.

Rohrbaugh is “not quite sure what the actual end date will be" for licensing to begin "because we still have a few more levels of processes to go through,” she told us. “Right now, we’re working on the naming analysis. I expect the naming portion of that process to come through in the next couple of weeks. Then we’ll go over to branding, which will likely take a few months.”

CTA won’t disclose which logos emerged the apparent winners from this month's research “until the naming analysis comes out,” said Rohrbaugh. “We’re still working through those different attributes and making sure the name is an exact fit. We will likely end up creating at least two types of named logos, just to make sure that we have all our apples in a row.” It’s those finalists that will be put through a final brand test, she said.

ATSC Conference Notebook

ATSC gave retired President Mark Richer its Industry Leadership Medal, newly created in his name. The medal will be awarded annually to “an individual or team that demonstrates exemplary leadership in advancing the mission of ATSC and epitomizes the vision, tenacity and leadership qualities that were the hallmark” of Richer’s leadership, said ATSC Chairman Lynn Claudy, from NAB. The medal honors Richer’s “four decades of industry leadership and commemorates his ATSC legacy,” Claudy said Thursday.