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Biography for Monica Hogan

Monica Hogan, Associate Editor, covers Federal Communications Commission-related wireline telephone and broadband policy at Communications Daily. Before joining Warren Communications News in 2019, she followed telecommunications market transitions: from standard to high-definition television, car phones to smartphones, dial-up ISPs to broadband, and big-dish to direct-broadcast satellite. At Communications Daily, she has also covered the emergence of digital health and precision agriculture. You can follow Hogan on Twitter: @MonicaHoganCD.

Recent Articles by Monica Hogan

FCC Proposes $9B for Rural 5G to Replace Mobility Fund Phase II Auctions

The FCC plans an NPRM early next year to take recommendations on a 10-year, $9 billion rural 5G Fund proposed Wednesday by Chairman Ajit Pai (see 1912040037). It would replace the Mobility Fund Phase II auction for…Subscribe to Read >>

Address Retrans Consent, Panelists Ask of Congress; Cicconi Seeks Industry Collegiality

TV stations should drop the use of signal blackouts as negotiation tools, a Phoenix Center panel heard Tuesday. Some sought congressional action, which MVPDs have long requested. Broadcasters declined invitations to participate, the organizers said. NAB said that's because…Subscribe to Read >>

Mobile Hot Spot Lending Programs Help With Digital Equity

As libraries, schools and nonprofits step up efforts to loan mobile wireless hot spots to those without residential broadband, demand is rising. Long-term, sustainable funding remains a challenge, said those interviewed last week. Anchor institutions offer free hot spot…Subscribe to Read >>

Stay Course in Annual Broadband Report, Industry Tells FCC

Report ISPs are deploying broadband to all Americans "in a reasonable and timely fashion," industry told the FCC in comments posted through Monday in docket 19-285 on a notice of inquiry for the 15th annual Communications Act Section 706…Subscribe to Read >>

UNE NPRM to Move Forward After 3-2 FCC Meeting Vote

Commissioners voted 3-2 along party lines to issue an NPRM in FCC docket 19-308 on eliminating regulations on certain unbundling and resale requirements for ILECs to make parts of their facilities-based networks available to CLECs that want to use…Subscribe to Read >>