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Biography for Monica Hogan

Monica Hogan, Associate Editor, covers Federal Communications Commission-related wireline telephone and broadband policy at Communications Daily. Before joining Warren Communications News in 2019, she followed telecommunications market transitions: from standard to high-definition television, car phones to smartphones, dial-up ISPs to broadband, and big-dish to direct-broadcast satellite. At Communications Daily, she has also covered the emergence of digital health and precision agriculture. You can follow Hogan on Twitter: @MonicaHoganCD.

Recent Articles by Monica Hogan

Petitioner Hopes DC Circuit Case Spurs FCC to Clarify Intrastate Rate Role

Telecom experts asking the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. District to clarify state utility commissioners have jurisdiction of intrastate telecom cost allocation (see 1907220051) got their day in court Friday. One judge had questions for both…Subscribe to Read >>

CenturyLink, Frontier Miss 2019 CAF II Milestones in Multiple States

Two telcos didn't meet all deployment requirements for having gotten USF money from the federal government, they reported Thursday. That drew concern from some state officials.Subscribe to Read >>

ISPs Back Jan. 30 RDOF Vote, Phase I Auctions in 2020

Broadband interests back a draft order on the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund up for a vote at the Jan. 30 FCC meeting (see 2001080049). They told us to expect commissioners to approve the rulemaking this month. Industry…Subscribe to Read >>

Industry, Other Stakeholders Seek Online Census Participation

As the first largely online U.S. census approaches, nonprofits, telecom providers and media companies are heightening efforts to safeguard its integrity and increase participation. Many groups historically vulnerable to undercounting, including rural residents, low-income and homeless populations, and…Subscribe to Read >>

FCC RDOF Auctions Favor Fiber Networks in Draft

The FCC plans to prioritize bids for high-speed, low-latency broadband networks in the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund, said a draft rulemaking for docket 19-126 released Thursday. RDOF is one of several items that circulated from Chairman Ajit Pai…Subscribe to Read >>