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Biography for Monica Hogan

Monica Hogan, Associate Editor, covers Federal Communications Commission-related wireline telephone and broadband policy at Communications Daily. Before joining Warren Communications News in 2019, she followed telecommunications market transitions: from standard to high-definition television, car phones to smartphones, dial-up ISPs to broadband, and big-dish to direct-broadcast satellite. At Communications Daily, she has also covered the emergence of digital health and precision agriculture. You can follow Hogan on Twitter: @MonicaHoganCD.

Recent Articles by Monica Hogan

Precision Ag Group Hears Need for Farm Connectivity Maps

Federal policymakers must help spur rural connectivity to support precision agriculture and ensure food security, John Deere Director-Advanced Technology, Intelligent Solutions Group Daniel Leibfried told a virtual meeting of the FCC precision agriculture task force Wednesday. Leibfried, who chairs the…Subscribe to Read >>

Telecom, Financial Services Spar Over Call Blocking Safe Harbor Rules

Phone industry trade groups want the FCC to expand call blocking safe harbor protections to allow network level blocking of robocalls deemed illegal or unwanted. Calling originators with ongoing customer relationships urge commissioners to take a more cautious approach when…Subscribe to Read >>

Not All On Board to End ETC Regulations for USF Broadband

With not all on board with stakeholder calls to end eligible telecom carrier designation requirements, momentum may not be sufficient to change FCC policy before would-be bidders in the upcoming Rural Digital Opportunity Fund take first steps to participate in…Subscribe to Read >>

NBP Creators Seek Updates to Inform Policymakers

The next National Broadband Plan shouldn't be a 10-year project and shouldn't be assigned solely for the FCC to conduct and implement, said New Street's Blair Levin during a Friday FCBA webinar with panelists who worked on the original National…Subscribe to Read >>

C Suites Urged to Reexamine Company Culture to Foster Inclusion

Telecom, media and technology companies eager to respond to the Black Lives Matter protests should do more than release statements, experts told us this and last week: Companies should reflect on their own cultures to ensure hiring, retention and promotion…Subscribe to Read >>