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Jonathan Make, Executive Editor, is a journalist for publications including Communications Daily. He joined the Warren Communications News staff in 2005, after covering the industry at Bloomberg. He moved to Washington in 2003 to research the Federal Communications Commission as part of a master’s degree in media and public affairs at George Washington University. He’s immediate past president of the Society of Professional Journalists local chapter. You can follow Make on Instagram, Medium and Twitter: @makejdm.

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DC Dispatching Issues Continue Even With Scrutiny

Firefighters and paramedics continue to be sent to incorrect addresses in potentially life-and-death emergencies in the nation's capital city, even with increased scrutiny on 911 errors there. Our review of recent radio communications and interviews this week with stakeholders found…Subscribe to Read >>

US vs. China Carries Complications, Shortcomings, TPI Told

Tension in relations between the U.S. and China on technology issues such as data security, privacy and telecom gear are making life complicated for some U.S. companies, experts told the Technology Policy Institute. They generally agreed aspects of the current…Subscribe to Read >>

Rescuers, 911 Spat Goes Public as Firefighters Union Weighs In on Accuracy

First responder concerns about accuracy of emergency dispatching in the nation's capital took another turn in the early hours of Wednesday. Fire-rescue personnel lectured 911 staff during questioning about where on Southern Avenue in the Southeast quadrant Washington's Fire and…Subscribe to Read >>

Apparent DC 911 Misdirected Dispatches Observed Amid Heightened Scrutiny

Washington, D.C., apparently incorrectly dispatched emergency medical services several times in as many days, according to our analysis of walkie-talkie radio traffic. We listened to three such incidents from this and last week. For more, see here, here and here…Subscribe to Read >>

FCC Should Seek Comment on Any NTIA CDA Section 230 Petition, O'Rielly Says

The FCC should seek public comment on any NTIA petition about Communications Decency Act Section 230 (see 2006040056), said Commissioner Mike O'Rielly. "From there, we can see if there’s something that we should do or should not do" about President…Subscribe to Read >>