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Jonathan Make, Executive Editor, is a journalist for publications including Communications Daily. He joined the Warren Communications News staff in 2005, after covering the industry at Bloomberg. He moved to Washington in 2003 to research the Federal Communications Commission as part of a master’s degree in media and public affairs at George Washington University. He’s immediate past president of the Society of Professional Journalists local chapter. You can follow Make on Instagram, Medium and Twitter: @makejdm.

Recent Articles by Jonathan Make

Verizon, Cable, Telcos Face Heat on Service, Prices, Broadband Availability

SAN ANTONIO -- Verizon in particular and cable and telco industries generally took heat from consumer advocates and others for what they contend are lagging service quality and/or rising prices. The providers don’t face enough competition, aren’t building out…Subscribe to Read >>

FCC Deemed Likely to Allow Wi-Fi in Some of 6 GHz Band, Over Some Objections

SAN ANTONIO -- The FCC seems poised to allow unlicensed devices including Wi-Fi to use at least part of the 6 GHz band that utilities and some others occupy to monitor infrastructure like power grids. Even though utilities and…Subscribe to Read >>

Jobs an Issue in T-Mobile/Sprint Amid Indications More Announcements Could Loom

Jobs remain an issue in T-Mobile's buying Sprint, stakeholders agreed. They differ on whether the deal would lead to more employment or hurt unionization. At the Capitol Forum Thursday and in Q&A with us, those for and against the…Subscribe to Read >>

NTCA, RWA Have FCC Network Security Draft Concerns

Concerns mounted Friday about a draft order to bar companies that may pose a national security threat to U.S. interests from having USF money paying for their equipment when used in American telecom networks. Wireless and wireline interests sought…Subscribe to Read >>

USAC Faces O'Rielly Criticism on Lifeline Data as Starks Concerned on NV Rollout

FCC Commissioner Mike O'Rielly renewed his criticism of Lifeline's administrator, and Commissioner Geoffrey Starks expressed concern about problems with federal electronic certification of customers for the telecoms service for the poor. FCC Chairman Ajit Pai said his agency wants…Subscribe to Read >>